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Paying HMRC

One question we are asked frequently is how to pay HMRC.  There are many different ways you can pay, and reference numbers etc. vary based on the type of tax etc.  Fortunately, HMRC keep this information all in one place.  Follow this link, choose the type of tax you wish to pay and the various different methods will be shown.

Paying HMRC


Companies House

There is a lot of information on Companies House website.  If you have a question about the administration involved in limited companies, usually you can find the answer.  You can also file your annual return, file forms online, or look up what is held on the public record for a company.

Companies House


 Tax Rates

There are various pages on HMRC’s website where you can find current, past and future tax rates.  Here is a summary of these pages:

Personal Tax
National Insurance
Corporation Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax Rates
VAT Rates & Thresholds
Tax rates for employers

A lot of the above information can be quite technical, and we advise that you speak to us before making a decision based on it.

Exchange Rates

HMRC have an archive of historic exchange rates, however are not shown on a daily basis. show historical exchange rates on a daily basis.  it also shows current exchange rates



ACCA are a global professional body for accountants, that provide quality accountancy qualifications that are recognised both nationally and internationally.

ACCA Homepage


Qualified Accountants

This page has a nice brief explaination about accountancy qualifications and why they are important

Is your accountant qualified?